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Travel inspired retro T-shirts

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

With a birthday coming up, I have done some casual 'online T-shirt window-shopping' and noticed a few items that may be of interest. So whether you are staying put, stay-cationing or go-cationing; there might be one here that you too could treat yourself with.

Just to mention before we get going here; I have not received any payment, commission or sponsorship for featuring these items. They are just purely things I liked the look of and thought you might too. There is a link to each by clicking the relevant title.

Late 70's or early 80's vibe with this classic Amtrak design. I like to imagine wearing this in the dining car, having a beer and watching the sun set over the Rockies on one of those epic 3 day rail journeys across the USA.

Being a Crystal Palace fan, I had to include the 1990 FA cup final shirt, with the "Fly Virgin to LA" sponsorship. Intending to wear this on my next flight with Virgin Atlantic to LAX.

Many designs out there based on current airlines and quite a few based on Qantas; but I thought this one worked best. No lettering, just the stylised Flying Roo in white on a red background; classic.

Red on white instead this time, with the classic red crane logo. First used in 1958 and still in use today after a 9 year hiatus between 2002 and 2011; why change a winning design. In Japan the crane is associated with good fortune and longevity.

The famous winged hammer and sickle logo, designed by artist and one of the airlines founders, Alexander Rodchenko way back in 1923. It is so recognisable, it still forms part of the current Aeroflot logo. With the Cyrillic lettering, yellow on red, it makes a great T shirt.

Great logo on this one, the simple circular design featuring the Sable Antelope works very well I think.

Varig ceased operations in 2006, but were part of the golden era of aviation and the national carrier of Brasil for much of the 20th century. Moving away from the 'just logo' T-shirts, this one features the Boeing 747 'Queen of the Skies' in the original livery.

Eastern have not been with us for some years now. However, to finish off; some cheesy kitsch (with a bit of style) from one of the 'Big Four' former US airlines.

So that is the end of my selection, I hope you liked them? Please drop me a line in the comments and let me know which ones you liked or which other ones you would like to see on this list.

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Ray Wade
Ray Wade
Jul 12, 2020

I like that Aeroflot T-Shirt!

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