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Getting Social

Hello, just a quick post to say that I am trying to add to the site with a bit of social media (please don't laugh), so there is now a travelsthoughtout presence on:-

Twitter - @travels_out

Instagram - travelsthoughtout

Also on Facebook - you can search for travelsthoughtout, but I am mainly just putting bits on Twitter and Instagram for now.

Most content will still be on the website, so please keep visiting and/or subscribing for the blog. However, if you use Twitter and/or Instagram you might like to keep updated that way too, it should also make it easier to share what you like on travelsthoughtout with others as well.

Looks like at the moment I have the least social media followers in my family; so could you help me change this? Suffice to say all this Social stuff is very new to me, please be a bit understanding and lets see where it goes...

Longer blog post coming soon, but stay safe for now.

Image by Coffee Bean from Pixabay

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