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Travel Research & Support

Free travel research, advice and collaboration just when you need it

This informal service is for everyone; free-lance travel consultants/agents, travel professionals and the travelling public.  Whether you need support to save you time, or help you improve your travel options and ideas. To help explain, there are some brief examples of the kind of things I can help with below.

I am happy to think about travel for free!  I just ask if you would consider contributing via the support button, (at the top of the screen) if you find the response useful.


If you are interested, or like me just love to chat about travel, please make contact via the form below or email me directly;

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Family Holiday to California

"Hi Ben, I am putting together a two week trip for a family to California. I would like to include some time in a wine region like Napa.  However, it is too far North of all the other attractions the family also want to include in the trip.  Any suggestions on alternatives?

Flights home too expensive

"Hi Ben, I am planning our family holiday in August next year.  The trouble is all the flights back to the UK, with the usual low-cost airlines, from Mediterranean are proving really expensive, do you have any ideas?"

Butrint and the Oracle at Dodona

"Hi Ben, I am a freelance travel agent.  I have just booked a great two week all-inclusive luxury holiday for a family in Corfu next Summer.  However, I know one of the parents wanted a touring holiday to see some of the archaeological sites in Greece.  Can you look into what they maybe able to visit either on Corfu or nearby on the mainland so I can try and keep everyone happy!

Research on excursions and activities

What can we do when we are there?  Historical sites, excursions, theme parks, sports,  parks, shopping and outdoor activities.

E.g. A trip to Florida: Which Shopping Mall is best and what does each one offer? How do I get to see a rocket launch at Cape Canaveral? What Major League sports teams are based in the State, what time of year are games on and how much does it cost to see one?

Travel & Transport

Flights, car hire, public transport, train travel.  Is there a more environmentally friendly option?

E.g. Can I hire an electric car on Mallorca now? How feasible is it to travel to the South of France by train instead?  Which Greek Islands can you visit by Hydrofoil? Is there a better flight option than the one I am currently looking at?

Alternative Ideas

Are you just stuck, want some inspiration, want to try something different or would just like a chat/brainstorm on some travel ideas?  I am happy to help.

E.g. Ever thought of visiting the French lakes instead of a beach holiday?...

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