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Yellow Productions

Created and presented by Southern Californian resident Chris Raney, this Youtube channel has built up a great collection of not too taxing but informative and well produced travel videos.  I like the ones on California itself, but there are plenty of others to look at. The narration is laid back and relaxing, some ideal lock down viewing for the frustrated traveller to be found here.

BBC Travel

Now run and produced by BBC Global News Ltd, rather than a section in the main BBC website.  Quite mainstream obviously, but a lot of good stuff here and easy to overlook with all the other output from the BBC.

Bob Harvey Video Productions

Don't get fooled into thinking this is a YouTube Channel for just the train spotter.  Dig around, there are some awesome longer length videos of a selection of the epic train trips across North America.  Professionally produced, some great slow travel to stream; if you want to spend up to 3 days on a train, but don't want to/can't spend 3 days on a train. 

Amtrak Coast Starlight - From CoasterFan2015

Just to add to the Bob Harvey videos above, here is another one of the famous Coast Starlight service from LA to Seattle. It regularly features in lists of the worlds top 10 scenic train journey; here highlights of the 36 hour trip are condensed into a manageable 45 minutes.

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