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Italian Streets

About Me

(Unless you are The Rock, or the Kardashians), it has been said that most people visit a website or blog for the content and not because they are interested in the author.  But as you have clicked onto this, I feel I should say a few words.

I live in Somerset in the UK, on the edge of the Mendip Hills, I am married with two older, but not grown up children. I work part-time in the travel industry, part-time as house husband.  I make a passable effort to keep bees, I like travel (of course) I also like history, I have a degree in Geography and another in History and I watch a bit of sport.

If there is one thing I enjoy as much as travelling it, it is planning the trip, saving money, getting more, smarter ways of doing things, learning, understanding, experiencing the new and the different.

I write from the perspective of a 'Generation X' (that's people between Boomers and Millennials, remember us!), but the blog is not written with one type of person in mind.  If you get one thing out of it that saves you money, puts a smile on your face or gives you a slightly better travel experience then it has done its job.

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