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About the Blog...

I don't travel all the time, in fact I only travel about a month a year.  So why you ask, should I bother with this blog? The blog is written from a perspective of knowing how precious the available time and money are for most people when it comes to travel.

Travel can be happier, more diverse, financially cheaper, experientially richer, environmentally less impactful, more fulfilling, educationally rewarding etc, etc, etc... stop!  Yes, so in short it sounds like a good idea if we can do things better. So how will this blog help?

First its not going to revolutionise the travel industry, but is should offer some practical and original advice to improve the readers travel experience.  It is going to recognise that half the enjoyment of travel is in the anticipation and planning and finally it will acknowledge that it is not be possible for everyone to go everywhere.

We live in an era where we can at least experience and gain a sense of places online; with a wealth of resources out there. The site will try and curate at least a small collection of what is available.

If you get one thing out of the site which saves you money, puts a smile on your face, puts you onto new things, or gives you a better travel experience then it has done its job.

Just to add the blog is independent, it does not seek nor accept any favour or reward from travel providers for what it says.


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